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What is FlashGate?

FlashGate 10Gbps Enterprise - Internet Accelerator

FlashGate is an appliance to perform acceleration of TCP traffic over High-latency connections. In short is optimizes the performance of your internet connection. It can be used in a home, on a single computer, or multiple computers in an office. Pick the Model that suites your use.

Latency occurs over distance due to limitations of light speed propagation, and network switching speeds. Coast to coast in the US it is common to experience 80ms round trip time, Internationally this can exceed 200ms. Links via satellite are often over 500ms. This slows down TCP based connections such as web (http, or https) and FTP, frequently to less than 5% of the available bandwidth. FlashGate can bring those speeds back up, and can even help the transition from ipV4 to ipV6

Performance Test Graph vs. Latency
Performance Test Graph vs. Latency


Internet performance acceleration
FlashGate Application Diagram
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