FlashGate 10 Gigabit


Improves Browser and FTP performance over long distance National and International High Latency circuits. Can be used for an entire office. 10Gbps Small Office High Performance



-Accelerates traffic such as Web, FTP, and other services
-Stable, reliable network performance
-No proprietary clients or confusing software to install
-Web-based local administration makes configuration and management easy
-6 1Gbe ports and 2 10Gbe ports provide flexible options to fit with your network
-12 Volt DC or 100-240 Volt AC power for vehicle, mobile, or data-center installations.

How fast is your network upload? Whether you telecommute across the continental United states, use
resources from a European data-center, or travel far from the office every week, odds are you have
encountered High latency. Any use case exceeding 200 miles will cause a reduction in overall network
transfer speed. At 1,000 miles and beyond, you may be using a tiny fraction of your internet bandwidth
that is available to you, Bandwidth you pay handsomely for.

The Flashgate is a simple, easy solution to these problems. Just connect it to your outbound line, direct
your traffic at it, and let it do the work. There are no software clients or bloatware to install. You can use
your favored FTP transfer software, upload videos to sharing sites, and continue your workflow
completely unimpeded.

With 6 1Gbe Ethernet ports, and 2 10Gbe ports, this unit provides ultimate flexibility to integrate with
your network, rather than the other way around. This hardware functionality and the Flashgate software
come together to create a network product that is functionally pure, and stable. We expect this to considerably exceed 1Gbps, but testing is not complete, and it is not our practice to pad or create theoretical test results. We will update the specifications when the lab results are in.

Additional information

Weight 118 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 7 in


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