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How Secure is your network?

Security is more important than ever. Most businesses are required to pass security compliance, either directly, or because a customer requires vendors to be security compliant.Regardless, security compliance is a good idea. It is common for businesses to suffer thousands of dollars of damage due to security issues. This can be due to intrusions, malware, ransomware and many other threats. Most computer repairs now are due to malware and other security related issues.

Many people have faith in their IT person, but do you know if they are experienced with security? Many people bypass security measures they don’t think are important, and even fake answers on security questionnaires that they don’t understand, or find too inconvenient to implement. Pass or fail, there are advantages to getting a network security audit. It is better to know the state of your network, so that you can either validate the work of your IT people, or find out what needs to be corrected. Another set of eyes on the system never hurts.

For that reason we are currently offering a free introductory security review for businesses in the South Bay Area (Cities listed in the drop down). Of course you may be worried that you will get a high pressure sales pitch, or endless phone calls and emails. We do, of course, hope you will use our services, but we are not sales people. We are not sales people, we are engineers. Our job is to solve problems, not badger you on the phone. You have nothing to lose.